Three decades ago, Vinicola, a separate company of Costa's was set up to manufacture wine comparable to international standards.
Today, the years of commitment to quality has made Vinicola's range of port, red and white wines synonymous with the finest in India. Our wines are de rigeur at leading restaurants in 5-star hotels in India.
They are part of the buffet table at posh weddings, X'mas celebrations and diplomatic dinners.


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Dr. Ivo da Costa Azaredo Born in Margao on February 18, 1926 to Beatriz and Francisco Xavier da Costa Azaredo, Dr. Francisco Xavier Ivo da Costa Azaredo, is a lung specialist who, practiced at Pulido Valen hospital in Portugal. He attended his first year at Goa Medical College, before leaving for Portugal where he studied for six years at a university in Coimbra.
There he met and fell in love with his future wife, Dr. Maria do Carma Azaredo who was, studying Physics and Chemistry there.